Brad Todd – Pace Your Rage

As a Republican political media consultant Brad Todd is the guest you’d expect on C&GJ. Brad knows the Bible, knows what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, and has some church insights we all need to hear.

Growing up in the SBC, he has been in the writing business since the age of 14. Brad is a founding partner of On Message, a political consulting firm.

A self-described hillbilly, Brad writes frequent opinions columns. Many are published in POLITICO,, Roll Call,, and appears on the Meet the Press Daily with Chuck Todd.

Brad is a free speech guy and values dialogue that moves people from one perspective to another. He argues that the burden on the denomination is to have ministry so necessary that local churches give to the denominational structures out of a desire to be apart of the good work being done and not out of obligation to the mothership.

Brad is currently working on a book about the Trump voter, The Great Divide. It will be available in March 2018. The book outlines who Trump won in counties where Republicans had not had previous success.

Brad even works on a new advertising campaign for the UMC.

In the coming weeks we have interviews with Brad Todd, and Lisa Sharon Harper, Walter Brueggemann, and more!

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